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Meet some of my award winning Bears (or Critters). You will also find some of my special commission bears here as well.

The beautiful Jeju teddy bear museum in Korea opened its doors in 2001. I was very fortunate to have 5 of my bears selected for display in this beautiful unique architectural design situated on an ocean viewing hill area on a famous resort island.
Its landmark glass cone is as high as a 9 storey building, 27 meters and the museum comprises of 4.000 square meters with 600 square meters of exhibits.
Its 13.000 square meters of land also houses sculpture gardens, a café, and restaurant as well as museum shop.
Nearly 4 million visitors from around the world see over 1000 items on display in the museum…including GiZMO BEARS!!

What a great honor to have my creations on display so far away!